Mary Ellen Bernard


“In concert, Bernard mixes the theatrical with the musical …. The songs are woven together with stand-up comedy and the quirky synthesis of past and present can only be described as ‘nouveau vaudeville.’ Bernard has a Broadway voice, a cabaret-performer’s look, a great sense of humor and an off-the-wall collection of material. What more could you ask for in a performer?” – Jerry Kishbaugh, Citizens’ Voice (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

“Take some slinky blues, gigantic jazz and quirky folk; loop with some stomping Zydeco, rollicking rock, and acoustic ballads, and string them through with a warm and fuzzy vocal thread of smooth, sleek, stitch-in-the-side humor, enrapturing anecdotes, and singular style.” – Carlie Nicastro, Electric City (Scranton, PA)

“Mary Ellen captivates the audience with her charm, wit and outstanding voice …. A bluesy little number ‘This ‘n’ That’ bemoans the dilemma of not ‘gettin’ any,’ and Bernard, theatrically sultry and immensely funny, describes how a ‘little this ‘n’ that’ is good for the varieties of what ails ya. In contrast, calm and grooving ‘Coney Island Mojo’ is a song about love, magic and the Coney Island of yesteryear. Between songs, Mary Ellen’s conversation reels in the audience with the inherent humor and appeal of her anecdotal segues…” – Terri Lagerstedt, Fairfield County Weekly (Fairfield, CT)