Mary Ellen Bernard

Bus Stop

Chosen for “Best of 2000” lists by:

  • Folk deejays Top Albums of March 2000
  • Susanne Millsaps, Host of “Thursday Breakfast Jam”
  • KRCL Radio (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Steve Jerrett, Host of “Sunday Morning Coffeehouse,” KOPN Radio (Columbia, MO)

“More than a mere gathering of beautifully performed and recorded songs (which it is) … it’s one of those rare albums whose sum is greater than the total of its parts. Her soulful covers of Rex Fowler’s ‘Faster Gun’ and the Hollies’ ‘Bus Stop’ are stunning – absolutely infectious. It’s just a fine, fine album.” – Jeff Wignall, WPKN Radio (Bridgeport, CT)

“I hear shades of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Maria Muldaur, Holly Cole, and even Paul Simon in these well-crafted looks at life. The music is consistently wonderful, delivered with precision, thoughtfulness, and joy.” – Susanne Millsaps, KRCL Radio (Salt Lake City, UT)

“A welcome exploration of a host of different musical genres featuring unique stylings, imaginative adaptations, considerable talent, and fine backup musicians. Mary Ellen embraces a lyric with clear confidence and occasional humor.” – Ann Sternberg, ”Rock ‘n’ Roots” (syndicated radio show)

“A few shades shy of ‘petite,’ Mary Ellen Bernard looks like she couldn’t break 100 pounds if she were clutching an anvil. Her voice is what tips the scale…. Her latest release, Bus Stop, is a rich mix of styles and stories that blends grit, humor and solid songwriting in an eclectic mélange …” – Christopher J. Kelly, The Sunday Times (Scranton, PA)